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About The Secret Florist

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Sarah Day


After 10 years in the fashion industry, and being closely involved with the florist who prepared my flowers for my big day, I realised I had to change career! I loved the idea that every floral arrangement could be completely unique, not your run of the mill bouquet. I've always been creative and love to use my talents when designing all my floral arrangements. Flowers and their fragrance seem to make everyone happy! It was an easy choice especially as I was working as a freelance designer at the time which enabled me to train and achieve a distinction diploma in Floristry on my days away from the office.

This was 8 years ago now, and I now have 2 young beautiful girls. I've built up work locally in Stalybridge through craft markets and word of mouth. Weddings are really filling up in my diary and I'm looking forward to offering lots more including workshops for all those other creative people out there! Watch this space!

(Yes that's me in the photo! I was chief bridesmaid and florist for my sister's big day last summer!)


Meet The Team: Meet The Team
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