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Funeral Flowers

Made with love for those you love

We cover all funeral arrangements at The Secret Florist Workshop.
Always beautiful, always fresh. We understand the importance of making everything as easy as possible at this sad time. I can help to lovingly select just the right flowers and colours you want for your loved one and liaise with the funeral home to deliver the flowers as required.

Funeral Flowers: Welcome

Types of arrangements

Types of arrangements that you might choose include:

-Casket spray/Double ended spray

Available in different lengths from 2ft-6ft

(usually ordered by the immediate family to place on top of the casket)


Posy pad, Hearts, Cushions, Custom tributes such as names.

All the above can be finished in 2 ways

1) Based in White crysanthemums all over with a spray of flowers on top; or

2) Loose/relaxed design with mixed flowers arranged within the arrangement.

Both designs can be finished with ribbon edging or foliage edging

(Usually ordered by other close family and friends to honour the personality of the deceased)

-Sheafs and Sprays

These are flat arrangements with a similar finish to a hand tied bouquet but can be placed flat next to the casket or at the graveside. Sheafs are hand tied together and Sheafs are arranged in oasis.

(suitable for any mourner to order)

All these arrangements can be made in a variety of sizes, colours and seasonal flowers just to your needs so please get in touch for a free quote today.

Funeral based letters
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